If you have concerns about your relationship, you will probably recognise the following signs:

  • Conflicts escalate instead of being resolved

  • Tension rises

  • You or your partner seem to raise your voices when communicating

  • You tend to avoid each other

  • You use sarcasm and mean humour more often

  • Your partner is not very kind during the arguments

  • You see an increase in alcohol or drug consumption

  • You suspect that your partner is interested in someone else

  • Your partner is overly jealous

  • You or your partner have been unfaithful

  • You start resenting each other

  • You don’t remember the last time when you were happy

  • You often feel like crying

  • You are not looking forward to going home

  • Your partner stays at work later

  • There is violence at home (physical, emotional or verbal abuse)

  • Your children are affected by the frequency of the arguments

  • You feel disrespected

  • You desperately want to change the situation

  • You are losing hope that you can stay together for much longer.

The list can go on. Couples can be unhappy in many different ways, in different circumstances and throughout different experiences. Sometimes simply focusing on making a life and managing it can take over. Stresses build up and kids demand your attention, and you think: Who has time for a date night?

Your relationship suffers. If you are worried that your relationship is under a lot of stress and you are losing hope, and fear that if it continues this way you will end up unhappy or separated, call us for help and advice in Sydney CBD & Crows Nest, Sydney.

If both of you are committed and prepared to step outside your comfort zone to make positive changes then together Blue Horizon Counselling can find a way to get the relationship back on track.

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    Difficulties can be experienced in relationships with your parents or children, your boss or your employees. If these problems affect you but you don’t know how to move forward effectively, call us and we can help.