In other words, when you feel angry or enraged do you:

  • Swear

  • Scream

  • Argue

  • Slam doors

  • Insult or put down people

  • Humiliate other people

  • Threaten to hurt someone

  • Hurt yourself or others

  • Destroy your belongings or the belongingsof others

  • Push, punch or kick people or animals

  • Indulge in reckless behaviour that had negative outcomes?

  • Trouble with the police (causing grievous bodily harm)

  • Problems at work (losing your job or the chance of promotion)

  • Relationships problems (separating)

What was the cost of your behaviour?

You may not consider that you have difficulty managing you anger, but if your behaviour had bad outcomes for yourself and others and it cost you your reputation, health, job or relationship, you should find a way to manage your anger better. Blue Horizon Counselling in Sydney can help.

We have helped many people in similar situations. You can learn how to control your behaviour, identify anger triggers and change how you express your anger. Achieve positive results without ever having to display aggression.

We can help you with:

  • Understanding what happens to your body, brain and mind when you get angry

  • Monitoring your anger so it never escalates out of control

  • Learning quick management techniques

  • Learning effective communication styles

  • Understanding the impact of triggers – the factors that make your anger worse

  • Developing relapse prevention strategies

  • Developing a stress management plan that works

  • Finding a way to ask for what you want without escalating the situation.

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    Controlling anger is especially hard immediately after your anger is triggered and you become overwhelmed. We would like to share our knowledge to help you to understand the issue of unhelpful impulsivity and how it hinders your anger management.

    This course was developed by Dr. Yuliya Richard, and we highly recommend it. You will learn to modify your unhelpful impulsivity and to understand, manage and express your anger in a healthy way – a way that is not damaging to you and your relationships.

    Explore Impulsive Anger and Rage Management online course

    Have you ever been so angry that you couldn’t think straight?
    Have you experienced anger to the point of being out of control?
    Have you ever expressed your anger so aggressively that you did something you regretted later?

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