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Free downloadable worksheets, formulations, relaxation/meditation scripts, and self-help resources

Emotional Regulation

Data collection sheet

CBT Thought and Behaviour Record


Changing Unhelpful Self-Talk Into Helpful Conversation

Template Example

My Motivation for Change

Four easy steps to understand the motivation to change drinking habits.

My Anger Triggers Worksheet

Think about occasions when you have felt angry. What sort of things set you off? What triggers make you feel angry?

Benefits of Relaxation

If you can’t think straight, your body feels tense and you can’t concentrate any more, it may be time to take a break to practise relaxation.

A-B-C-D-E (Where, Thought, Feeling, Behaviour, Consequence)

Data collection sheet

Weekly Planner

In order to help with your recovery it is important to plan the week ahead. Plan for each day of the week and try to stick with this plan even if you don’t feel like doing some of the activities.

Body Scan Chechlist

How do you know that you are relaxed in your body? Listed below are the areas of your body where you can usually feel some tension or muscle tightness.

Stroop Test: Mental (Attentional) Vitality and Flexibility

Angry (Aggressive) Behaviour Checklist

Think about occasions when you felt angry. W hat did you do? What were some of the changes you can remember? How was your behaviour during those occasions?

Thought Defusion Techniques:

If you often catch yourself being overly self-critical whenever you make a mistake, or something does not go according to a plan, it maybe time to ‘defuse’ or remove the harm from your unhelpful thoughts.

Stroke Economy


Changing Unhelpful Self-Talk Into Helpful Conversation


The Five Senses Engagement

This exercise is sometimes called a self-soothing, grounding or mindfulness exercise. It has many different names but is the same concept.

Depression Symptoms and Signs List

If you think that you or someone you know might have Depression, check the following list of some of the signs and symptoms that are presented during the diagnosis of Depression.

Managing Anxiety Effectively: Predict-Prepare-Practise Worksheet

Write down what what thoughts you might have in an anxiety – provoking situation and how can you handle this situation effectively,

Schema Therapy Worksheet:


Changing Unhelpful Self-Talk Into Helpful Conversation


Stressful Events and Circumstances Checklist

Take a moment to reflect on your life to date. Select the stressful events listed below that apply to your personal life and history

My First Aid and Elevating Symptoms of Depression

To better understand your Depression and what elevates the symptoms of Depression, develop your own Depression First Aid.

My Day Planner

Be more Effective, Organised and Successful with our Day Planner