Are you looking for opportunity to connect with like-minded people ?

This year we would like to open our practice for collaboration, contract work, peer-reviews, supervision with colleagues.

  • Are you migrating to Australia and want to establish your practice here?
  • Are you transitioning to working less or to working more?
  • Are you changing your career?
  • Are you a therapist working with clients online and face-to-face?
  • Are you looking to establish your own practice?
  • Are you looking for room to rent or for a contract work?

I believe we can always benefit from having a stronger and more supportive network of like-minded people around us.

We are open to expand our practice to meet and/or collaborate with therapists from different backgrounds.
We welcome counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologist, psychiatrist and other allied health professionals to join us and to explore how we can work together to create positive environment for collaboration and support.

You are welcome to get in touch we love to hear from you.