New financial year just started and many of you might be happy with your promotions and pay rises, but some of you might be disappointed and confused to why you haven’t got the recognition you think you deserved. Your might have been promised opportunities, interesting project, support from your manager but at the end of the year – you got nothing. But confusing part is you can’t blame your manager, because she or he is so nice and friendly and takes us out for lunch, and they are thoughtful about birthday cakes and celebrations, but at the end of the day you are are not growing, you are stuck, with the same salary and no clear pathway to progress.


Your manager tells you that you are so valuable (and sabotages your chances to move up)

Well, I am sure Cinderella was very valuable in her stepmother?s household, I am sure they were sorry to lose her. So, while it might be flattering to see yourself as irreplaceable, what about your needs and wants? If for the last 10 years you were stuck in the same position, do you get what you want out of it? A Nice manager will pay you compliments and tell you that unfortunately there is nothing what can be done to advance your career, a good manager will think about your growths as well. Start by reflecting on your managers support, not only the compliments and excuses but what has been done to upgrade your skills, training, to direct your development.


Your manager is very polite and very vague

You manager might give you feedback – “You need to be more involved” or “We need to see your commitment”. Often in such situations its not clear what exactly is needed, more than that sometimes you might be stuck doing mundane tedious tasks without any support, that you simply don?t have time to be more involved. So when your manager give your this feedback next time and you don’t even remember when was the last time that you took a time to even have lunch, you need to discuss with your manager which of the tasks that you are currently doing can be outsourced.


You nice manager just didn’t think about you when an opportunity came along

You might be familiar with a situation, when you discover that another colleague was given an opportunity you were dying to do and your manager agreed to support you in working on this exciting project but when it came to putting you forward she just forgot, she might be very apologetic about it, and makes you feel nice and constantly gives you compliment and promises to think about you next time. Well, this is simply quite disappointing and of course, we all forget from time to time, but if she told you to ‘be more involved’ and then forgot about you, then may be you need to start looking for opportunities for yourself. Make sure that you network well, speak up about your interest, get a mentor, make sure that if you are interested in a particular project – the person who runs the project knows about you. Don’t rely on your forgetful manager to think of you.

There are many situations where a nice manager simply doesn?t care about you enough to help you to grow and a good manager might challenge you but will look after your needs, will help you to succeed. Do yourself a favor – choose to work with good managers, surely everyone deserves it.