The Psychology and Neuroscience of Impulsivity is a world-first resource for clinical psychologists and psychiatrists

Edited by respected Australian psychologists, Dr Yuliya Richard and Dr Ahmed Moustafa, The Psychology and Neuroscience of Impulsivity breaks new ground in the study and treatment of impulsive behaviours.

The first book to provide a comprehensive overview of impulsivity and related psychological and neural substrates, this resource is the culmination of years of academic and clinical research from Australia and across the world.

From the extremes of hypersexual and addictive behaviours to the everyday risks of impulsive shopping and driving, The Psychology and Neuroscience of Impulsivity provides clinicians with a detailed roadmap of how to recognise and treat impulsivity – in all its forms.


Understanding the psychology of impulsivity

Offering key insights into impulsivity and associated conditions, the book is divided into four sections, each tackling a different presentation of impulsivity. 

The introduction provides a general overview of impulsivity, neural and cognitive substrates of impulsive behaviours and the relationship between impulsivity and risk-taking behaviours.

The resource then explores the following four topics in greater detail: 

Section 1: Impulsivity and sexual behaviours – including pornography, hypersexuality, sexting and intimate partner violence. 

Section 2: Impulsivity and addictive behaviours – including social media addiction, substance abuse and other behavioural addictions.

Section 3: Impulsivity in clinical conditions – including pathological gambling, drug abuse, antisocial personality disorder and other mental health conditions.

Section 4: Impulsivity and everyday life behaviours – including impulse buying and driving, as well as possible treatment options and case studies.

Bringing together academic research and real-life case studies to improve long-term outcomes

Each section of The Psychology and Neuroscience of Impulsivity links academic insights and research to practical application, offering a detailed and thorough exploration of the drivers and impacts of impulsivity on individuals and their families.

A valuable resource for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, graduates and researchers, each section of the book:

  • reviews links between impulsivity to anger and aggressive behaviours
  • presents treatment options for impulsivity using mindfulness techniques
  • includes psychological and neural substrates of impulsivity within each chapter.

Drawing on research from around the globe, this text offers a new approach to treatment, giving clinicians more tools to tackle impulsive behaviours by understanding the underlying psychology of impulsivity.


About the authors

Dr Yuliya Richard

A clinical psychologist and director of Blue Horizon Counselling, Dr Richard developed a dedicated online training program ( in collaboration with other psychologists and video editors. After obtaining her PhD in Health and Clinical Psychology from the University of Newcastle in 2016, Dr Richard has focused on developing online training programs to support people across Australia who might not have a chance or opportunity to seek professional help for impulsive behaviours, including anger management and alcohol addiction.

Dr Ahmed Moustafa

A Professor of Psychology and Computational Modeling at the School of Psychology, Bond University, Dr Moustafa is trained in computer science, psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science. During his career, he has published multiple books and papers associated with his research into computational and neuropsychological studies of addiction, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Moustafa is now Editor-in-Chief of Discover Psychology, a new journal by Springer Nature.