Urges, cravings, temptations… We often struggle to overcome them and often give up. Over time, as we give into our urges and temptations, they grow stronger and stronger and we subsequently feel weaker. Eventually, we feel that we simply don’t have any control or flexibility in our responses when we experience an urge or craving.

So our urges are getting stronger and we are getting weaker.

It might even start because we really enjoy something, and it feels like a reward. We escape reality, but after a while we only deal with the negative consequences of giving into to urges.

This is how our addictions are taking over our lives.

But don’t despair, you can help yourself grow stronger and outsmart your urges! Watch this video and if you would like to learn more about how to manage your urges then click here. Visit our website to learn more about our courses www.impulsivity.com.au.