Benefits of Online Counselling

The internet has become a place for the sharing of ideas, information and social connection, as well as commerce and education. Now, with the rise of new technology and video streaming services, it has also become a place for healthcare as well. Telemedicine is a growing area of the internet, where clients can connect with their doctors, get prescriptions refilled, schedule appointments and manage their own care. Counselling and psychotherapy have benefited from this development as well, and it may be in your best interest to find a therapist who can work with you over the internet, for example using Skype, and see you over the internet on an ongoing basis.

First of all, like most other things online, there is the convenience aspect. It is so simple to be able to sit in your living room and have a session, without having to get up, drive to an office, and wait in a waiting room to be seen. You can suddenly have a lot more free time and your availability to make appointments opens up also, when you do not have to go anywhere. This is especially helpful for people with limited transportation, or those who have to travel great distances to see a professional.

Second, this opens up options as far as therapists go, and it will give you more opportunities to find someone that has the experience for which you are looking. For the people who live in areas where counsellors may be few and far between, online counselling gives you more options than just the one or two that may be in your town. It also opens up the search to find someone that specializes in a specific form of treatment or handles a specific topic that may not be available near you.

Skype and online counselling also opens up counselling to people that are not able to make it into an office setting for a variety of reasons. People with agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces) are often homebound and unable to leave the house due to their fear and worry; now with online services, counselling is open to them and can help them overcome their anxiety disorder. It also helps those with health or mobility issues that limit how much time they can be away from home or moving around. In short, this opens up therapy to many more people who desperately need it.

Finally, online counselling is fantastic in that it protects your privacy in many ways. You will not be seen coming into a therapist’s office, if being seen is something that concerns you. This can be especially problematic if the therapist is known to work with a certain topic or population, like one that works often with LGBTIQ clients when the client is not yet out to friends and family. Their privacy can be protected this way. There is also a sense of security and safety that can free you to open up and talk about things that may take time when the therapist is right in front of you. Either way, online counseling is a great way to limit other people knowing that you are seeing a therapist.

Online counselling is flourishing in 2018 and is set to quickly become the preferred method of delivering services to many who need it over the coming years. I work with many people online and would be happy to work with you as well. If the benefits of online counselling appeal to you, please contact me on 0403 866 997 to set up an initial appointment or leave me an enquiry here.

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