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Collectively, we have more than 63 years of experience helping individuals, couples and organisations to achieve positive changes in their lives. We work tirelessly with you to achieve your goals. We are passionate about your success, your physical and mental wellbeing, and your relationships and we believe that everyone deserves to have the knowledge and skills to improve their mental and physical health, their quality of life and their relationships.

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Yuliya Richard


It takes a great deal of courage and determination to see a therapist. I will do my best to help you in this pursuit to achieve your therapeutic goals. Your ambition and willingness to step out of your comfort zone will impact your progress in psychotherapy

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Isabel Stepanik


Isabel was born in Lima, Peru and Spanish is her native language. She is a registered psychologist with the NEW South Wales Psychologists Registration Board and a full member of The Australian Psychological society (APS) with 16 years work experience.

Yulia Psychology Services| Blue Horizon Counselling

About Dr. Yuliya Richard


Dr. Yuliya Richard was born and raised in Ukraine, where she obtained her first degree and became a qualified philologist and teacher. From Ukraine she moved to Germany, where she continued her studies in languages, sociology, and cross-cultural communication. After she migrated to Australia, Yuliya worked with several charities and NGOs, such as the Wayside Chapel, Wesley Mission, the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and the Benevolent Society. Her therapeutic experience includes counselling with adults, children, parents who find parenting challenging, victims of domestic violence and other abuse, individuals with a range of emotional, adjustment and relationship issues, and migrants.


Yuliya has counselled individuals and groups who experience various life challenges. She has also helped people who were working on their interpersonal relationships as well personal and professional growth. She is a committee member of the Culture and Psychology APS Interest Group, where she, in collaboration with other psychologists, works to increase awareness and educate health professionals on providing culturally sensitive and appropriate services to people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds


Yuliya’s areas of specialisation include developmental issues, wellbeing, depression, anxiety, stress management, work stress, relationships, conflict resolution, lifestyle issues, migration and cultural change, grief and loss. Her additional areas of interest are Health Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, and Organisational Psychology, as well as Culture and Psychology. She has proven that she is passionate about helping people from all walks of life to live balanced and fulfilling lives.

  • BA Hons Arts Education
  • GD Psychology & PGD Psychology
  • PGD Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • PGD in Applied Psychology
  • Professional Doctorate in Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Associate MAPS (Australian Psychological Society)
  • The Australian Clinical Psychology Association
  • Committee member APS IG Culture and Psychology


We believe that everyone deserves to have the knowledge and skills to improve their mental and physical health, and their quality of life and relationships. We believe that it is up to individuals to make changes in their lives, but that their decisions should be well informed. We believe that people should know that they always have a choice – today, right now, they can take steps to improve their mental and physical health.


Our focus is on your wellbeing, health and growth. Whatever your goal is, we will do our best to help you to achieve it. We work tirelessly to review the latest research and to implement effective and practical strategies in treatment plans. When you are in a session, be assured that we use strategies and techniques that have been tested and shown to be effective for people dealing with similar issues.


We are passionate about working with you to reach your goals, whatever they might be – managing chronic mental illness, managing stress at work or home, controlling your anger or overcoming addictions. We are passionate about helping you to reach your potential, learn coping skills for dealing with adversities effectively, develop a good self-care plan, improve your relationships and overcome old issues that have weighed you down for a long time.

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Services are provided by Yuliya Richard. Yuliya’s philosophical orientation is strongly influenced by the Existential, Humanistic and Person-Centred approaches. Among others, she draws techniques from Solution-Focused, Cognitive-Behaviour, Mindfulness, Narrative and Existential therapies.

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